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Live Services and Events

Watch Live Services & Events

Enjoy the next ministry related services and events positioned to change lives and cause regeneration.

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Live Services and Events
Live Services and Events

Ministry Schedule

We provide a consistent schedule to develop routines that are predictable in a changing world. A safe and caring ministry schedule that stages encouragement necessary for internal change often. If you need assistance, please send an call us at (888) 827-3767 or contact us.

Thursday 6:30 PM CST • Biblical Studies weekly

Sunday 10:00 AM CST • Sunday Services weekly

Live Services and Events

Life Enrichment Bookstore

"You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things." by Nate Berkus

Consecration DVD

Gospel Music Psalmist

Inspirational Message


Women Ministry

Restoring and returning the engineering and DNA of mankind to their original Kingdom design. It is the transforming power of the grace of God to restore lives. We develop women to walk in freedom through extraordinary faith.

Ministry of Strength

Bringing the message of hope and healing that last a lifetime. Taking strategic plans that evolves into restoration of heart, mind and actions of survival. To restore the engineering and DNA of mankind to their original Kingdom design.

Ministry of Creativity

Modeling the love of Christ through creative-thinking, study and actions of integrity. Learning biblical principles to build a better quality of life holistically. A child's success begins with care and ends with truth to become a leader and a servant.

Care Ministry

Authentic. We exemplify compassion for one another through encouraging words, praying, and caring for each other. We live with integrity while inspiring all mankind to be impactful. Valuing and promoting others empowers for change even when troubles and burden emerges through life journey.

Prayer Ministry

We exist to restore, save, equip and create Prayer Warriors to present petitions to God. The reason why we pray is because of the passion to hear from God in a intercessory way.

Revelation 3:22 "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches."

Youth Ministry

To mentor, guide and bring youth into a closer relationship with Jesus and one another. Also, to develop a deeper committed relationship with Jesus. We purposefully provide quality programming and tools to explore, expand and build their faith.

Praise & Worship Ministry

Praise and worship seems to be universal. Have you ever heard of an explorer finding a new tribe or culture that doesn't worship? Worship is a natural instinct and a basic need for every person. A simple definition of worship is to regard with great devotion or to honor as a divine being.

Why Us?

With many years of ministry sacrifices of rendered love toward humanity, we believe in all hands on deck or just being a helping hands.

Click here to view OUR MISSION.

In the past several years, hundreds of families have enjoyed educational programs and community initiatives. Also, many have been delivered from an assortment of addictions and more.

We are a family oriented ministry dedicated to the move of God.
We believe in the true and living God that bring about divine change for all.
We believe in the transformation of lives through Christ's touch and visitation.
We create atmospheres of pure Worship for spiritual transformation.
We have taken them from Zero-to-Hero of victorious outcomes for a better quality of life.
We strive for the anointing to break yokes to those that are bound.
For this is the will of God through Christ Jesus to be a trailblazing ministry that seek to help all.

It is the Anointing that transforms, renews minds and equip one for the work of Kingdom alone.

Click here to observe Ecclesiastical and Ministerial Domestic and International Overseer and Accountabilities

Music & Arts Education

The Key Elements of Successful Worship • Consistent Practice & Rehearsal


Please send an e-mail to, if interested. Auditions and rehearsals occur on the last Saturday of each month at 12:00 PM starting Monday, January 2, 2023. Maximize your internal creative vocal artistry that glorifies God.

Dancing with Purpose & Intent

People call dancing for the Lord a number of different things. Some may say it is praise dance; others may say it is worship dance; some may call it interpretive dance or expression; while others call it prophetic dance. None are wrong or incorrect. Prophetic dance, however, can take on many different looks or have different interpretations. Learn more for further understanding. If interested, e-mail us at

Vocal Impact

The importance of singing with proper vocal techniques is essential especially for Praise & Worship. Perfect your spiritual art in serving God in skill. You will be taught proper techniques of singing and how to sing healthy and naturally. Optimize proper breath for increased vocal opportunities in serving God. If interested, e-mail us at

Community Resources

Where Every Resource is Unique!

"A balanced approach to increasing influence in society and also building and supporting communities."

2022 Gideon 300 Outreach Initiative

Campaigning To Transform Lives

Aligning Technology In Ministry

Expanding Ministry Outreach

Biblical Studies • A Foundation for Spiritual Maturity

Weekly ➧ Thr. 6:30 PM CST

Health & Wellness
"Get Better and Stay Better"

Quarterly Event

What people say

Our Clients
Sherman Austin

While working for the ministry as a General Educational Development (GED) Instructor for several years, it was rewarding to see many of the students receiving their GED at a high rate. That is, the Holy Spirit allowed for creativity necessary to lives worth living.

Our Clients
Alex Tenorio

Wow! What a Pastor! The ministry helped me to build a better quality of life when my life seemed limited. Spiritually, my family life change economically with their hands-on approach and counseling. My family and I are blessed!

Our Clients
Ron Waterford

Family Life inistry is one of a kind. They are patient and have the spirit of helps when lives are challenging. I found out that I am worthy of Christ even when I failed Christ. Family Life church gave me tools and strategies to make sure my relationship with God remains. They are just great people.

Our Clients
Natasha Hutchins

If you are ready for change of life, try the Family Life church. The hospitality there is great including the powerful Word of God. The revelation that goes forth is extraordinary. I have experienced a divine turn-a-round in my life with people that are genuine and is Kingdom focus. If you don't believe me, stop by expecting change in your life as well. Yes, the Pastors are awesome and they are a ministry that is genuinely concern about your well-being.

Our Clients
Eugene House

The ministry is an exciting place where the spirit of the Lord moves freely. My life changed drastically after receiving Christ. Pastor Terry help me to improve my life by way of teaching and finding me a career.

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Developing Integrity and a Lifestyle of Maintaining Proper Relationship with Christ.

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A familyArtisty™ Initiative • Dedicated to the move of God.

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